Working with partners near Patagonia, AZ, Biophilia Foundation has an opportunity to protect what we would argue is the most important

jaguar habitat in the United States. 

A short message from Dr. Richard Pritzlaff

President, Biophilia Foundation

  •  Imagine being personally responsible for bringing a species, jaguars, back from the brink of extinction in this country.
  •  Imagine creating a migratory corridor so that all wildlife are free to roam as nature intended.
  •  Imagine connecting already protected public lands by 'knitting together' a corridor across private lands at risk of becoming just another rural housing development.

Jaguar Facts

  • Jaguars once roamed throughout the southwestern U.S. from the Gulf of Mexico to southern California.
  • Hunting and habitat loss caused the depletion of jaguars in the U.S.
  • The last female jaguar in the U.S. was shot in 1963.
  • A few individual jaguars are beginning to return in and around the Coronado National Forest in southern Arizona.

The small jaguar population struggles to avoid extinction. Preferring unpopulated pockets of nature and avoiding contact with people the ever-shy jaguar needs your help. 

Mule Deer feed at the Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor. Help us save this critical habitat.

Protecting Other Wildlife, Too

  • Many wildlife will benefit from protecting this wildlife corridor including: black bears, mule deer, ocelot, mountain lions, katamundi, Gould's turkeys, and bobcats.
  • Threats to wildlife in this area are real: intensive grazing, mining, and development all present an immediate concern for this remarkable, threatened habitat.

Currently 3 solar-powered watering stations are frequented daily by the wildlife utilizing the corridor. 

Present Work

  • With donors like you, our partners have already protected more than 850 acres to establish the core of the wildlife corridor.
  • There are several additional opportunities to expand the size of the wildlife corridor by protecting adjacent properties..
  • By purchasing development rights we can keep development away from this critical wildlife corridor.
  • Your generosity is critically needed at this time as this opportunity is fleeting. 

Left: The original proposal for this subdivision had almost 200 homes planned throughout the existing corridor. Center: Our progress thus far. Right: What we can accomplish with your generosity.

This Black Bear was caught on camera at the Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor. Won't you please help us protect its habitat?

What You Can Do to Support Our Work

  • Your financial gift to Biophilia Foundation is the most direct way you can help jaguars in the United States.
  • Share this page with your friends and family to educate them about the needs of endangered wildlife.

A fox walks away from a solar-powered drinker within the wildlife corridor.

Each donation made to Biophilia Foundation between now and the end of the year will help protect the 

Sonoita Creek Wildlife Corridor near Patagonia, AZ. 

2019 marks Biophilia Foundation's 20th Anniversary.

It is our goal to raise $200,000

With your help we can protect additional land to increase the size of the wildlife corridor.

Every dollar you give to Biophilia will provide an extra dollar to protect some of the nation’s most valuable jaguar habitat. 

Please help us meet our 20th Anniversary Goal.

Biophilia Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit.

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